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The cure for wine, the wine that cures: Science and Consciousness of conscious drinking.
Wine care

Company that takes care of producing wines with the best possible care for the area where the vine grows, scrupulously following each step to arrive at the product to offer to its customers, family and friends.

The wine that heals: it is the set of all the agronomic works carried out with respect for the environment without invasiveness and forcing with well thought out scientific procedures; the set of all the cellar activities carried out without adjuvants and invasive procedures to preserve active healing ingredients;
the set of ecological choices in the packaging and in all the materials used;
the set of choices designed to be bearers of passion and utility to the consumer:
finally, the whole of commercial communication bearing an etymology aimed at acculturating towards conscious consumption.
Ours wants to present itself as a new philosophy of wine, a new way of drinking, which sees in our limited production, therefore very accurate, a way of drinking that promotes moderation and conscious consumption, overcoming useless and deceptive hypocrisies that deny negative effects on health, aware of the fact that the alcoholic radical is toxic to the body and for this reason it must be consumed with conscience. Science gives us indications on how to make wine, science gives us indications on its abuse. Our wine-philosophy relies on the awareness of the proper use of one of the oldest beverages in the world: its role in stimulating erythropoiesis or other presumed benefits for the health of the body which we do not consider valid reasons to support its promotion and that, above all, we don't want to lead us on the dangerous path of messages that lead us to think of wine as a drug, much less as a pseudotherapy often used to dissolve and quell crises, anxieties, mourning and various evils of existence. Our message aims to support the positive effects from a psychological point of view for the relational and social function of wine that accompanies the best dishes and dishes of the local and Italian culinary tradition. For this reason, wine care complements the "care" of relationships. Care in the sense of the English "to care", certainly not of the "to' cure"''! For this reason the choice of the slogan: the care of the wine, the wine that cures.
In this logic, as a graduate in psychology with a specialization in Interactionist-Cognitive Psychotherapy and registered in the Lombardy Region register n.03/6590, I develop and support a wine-philosophy which foresees wine as a relational adjuvant and introduces messages in support of the promotion of health and prevention of alcoholism. A wine-philosophy that promotes health with attention to production, against all forms of pathological addiction and for limited, therefore intelligent consumption. A new epistemology of drinking.
In conclusion, I think you shouldn't have entrepreneurial fears if you send such messages, therefore I invite you to savor the Marchesi di Montalto wines calmly and carefully and in good company.
Health first!

Montalto Pavese 20/12/21

Gabriele Marchesi
Legal Representative of the Marchesi di Montalto

Enrico Cazzaniga
Psychotherapist and project colleague