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The cellar

Since the 60s, the current owner's grandfather began a renovation of the old buildings with the aim of transforming them into rooms used as a cellar to be able to make wine from the grapes produced. The radical process of change, however, arrives only in the 90s with the arrival in the company of a descendant of grandfather Tersilio, Dr. Gabriele Marchesi who thus begins a restructuring process of the entire company complex, starting with the vineyards, where the cultivation of the two vines that are best suited to the territory is privileged: Pinot Noir and Riesling Renano.

The old cellar has been completely renovated and the oak barrels are flanked by modern rooms used for pressing and fermentation and conservation of wines with small thermo-conditioned stainless steel tanks. The imposing 19th century underground tank, then used to collect rainwater, was transformed into a unique cellar, ideal for the refermentation and maturation of the prestigious Classic Method sparkling wines.

In short the whole structure was conceived mainly for the processing of the two vines mentioned above, in order to enhance them in the different types of wines produced that must be represent a close link with tradition and the territory, but in a constant innovative research where you can express the maximum qualitative potential.