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The cure for wine, the wine that cures

Marchesi di Montalto has its origins in the early 1900s and considering that the family has always expressed an important concept that the vine is the root of life, today it is increasingly ready to give you products where the expression of the Pinot Noir vines and Riesling is as varietal and honest as possible...

We started from respect for the territory and its vocation, a municipality, that of Montalto Pavese, which gave us the possibility of making almost eternal wines...

Each wine bears the name of the vineyard registered in the Regional Viticultural Land Registry, for this reason we can define our wines Entirely Produced, a definition that allows us to underline, once again, a very strong bond between Land and Wine.

The bi-varietal company project (Pinot Noir and Riesling) increasingly has the aim of offering you wines that can be "healing".

We currently produce about 50,000 bottles a year and the goal is to give you more and more continuity and excellence.

Our partners

Ernest Knam

Mediolanum event

Fondazione Francesca Rava

Hostaria da Ivan

Proposta Vini

Osteria al Coniglio Bianco

The Cellar

Over 12 labels

The territory

We value the Riesling valley

Our success

Hundreds of satisfied customers throughout Italy

For tastings and visits to the cellar +39 349/1097441